Patient Testimonials

“For years I suffered with a bad smile, bad breath and gum disease. Dr. Hughes treated me with dental implants and gave me a “Complete Dental Makeover”, it is great. One of the best things I ever did for myself.”

“I had a bridge and teeth with cavities. Dr. Hughes took out the bad teeth and placed implants and a temporary bridge in ONE day. I got my beautiful new bridge in three months. It’s fantastic and a work of art. I eat, smile and enjoy life. I have a lot of self-confidence now.”

“It took me 20 months to get my upper implants and teeth with two other doctors. Dr. Hughes took THREE HOURS and put in implants and a temporary bridge. Two months later I got my lower bridge…..It’s Great…….Dr. Hughes is the best around!”

“Eighteen years ago I was treated for throat cancer. The radiation and treatment destroyed my teeth. I have been to many dentists throughout the USA, and none of them would touch me. I went to see Dr. Hughes and he said he could treat me with no problem and that he has done many cases more severe than mine. Now I can smile and laugh without being embarrassed, especially with my grandchildren.”

“Dr. Hughes is the Picasso of implant dentistry. He took my mouth that was unsightly, bad odor and in constant pain and made me whole again. I can eat anything I want, smile and talk with confidence. It was worth every penny. My only regret is that I should of done it sooner. You and your staff are caring and very professional.”