A Closer Look at Dental Implant Surgery

Whether you are missing just a single tooth or are frustrated with loose, ill-fitting dentures, you can benefit from the advantages offered by dental implant-supported restorations. Dr. Richard Hughes will make sure that you fully understand all aspects of dental implant surgery at our Sterling, VA, office, so you can decide if it is the right restorative option for you. Dr. Hughes offers a thorough oral examination and consultation for patients considering implants. He also performs prerequisite procedures and implant placement surgery in our office, instead of referring to an oral surgeon or periodontist. Working with a respected lab, Dr. Hughes designs and fabricates individual crowns, bridges, or dentures to complete the implant procedure.

Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

At your examination, Dr. Hughes will assess your teeth and jawbone. He will take x-rays and discuss your lifestyle, then help you determine whether dental implants are a good treatment option for you.

In general, good oral health and adequate jawbone healthy are required for implant candidacy. Should you require extractions, a bone graft, or sinus lift to improve your potential for being an implant candidate, Dr. Hughes offers all of these procedures in the comfort of our familiar, inviting dental office.

The Outpatient Implant Surgery

After the patient has recovered from any prerequisite surgical procedures, the traditional implant procedure consists of two distinct phases.

Dr. Hughes performs all aspects of dental implant surgery at his practice for convenient, streamlined care in one location.

First, you will undergo an outpatient surgery in which Dr. Hughes will administer local anesthetic to make you comfortable. In some cases, patients may also receive sedation. He will then secure an implant or implants into your jaw, in precise locations for optimal stability. You will be sent home with post-operative instructions to aid in optimal healing, such as directions not to smoke and to consume soft foods until your gums are fully healed. If you are undergoing the All-on-4® procedure or having mini dental implants placed, you may receive a permanent restoration during the same appointment. However, most patients wear a temporary restoration or denture throughout the healing period of four to six months.

dental implant surgery image 2

At your next visit, your jawbone will have fully fused with the implants during a process called osseointegration. Dr. Hughes will again administer anesthetic. Once the treatment site if fully numbed, he will uncover the heads of your implants from beneath the healed gum tissue. Once each head is exposed, he will secure an abutment. Your custom, final restoration will have been fabricated by our dental lab based on precise instructions and impressions of your surrounding teeth or gums. Lastly, Dr. Hughes will attach the restoration and check your occlusion to ensure that your bite is not compromised in any way.

If you maintain good oral health and do not suffer injury or disease, your implants could last the rest of your life. The restorations may require replacement if they wear excessively or become damaged over the years.

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Implants offer a long-lasting investment in your oral health and quality of life. Patient financing is available to those who qualify. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Hughes.